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Pandora X is officially KYC’d and Verified by the Obsidian Council, the highest level of trust achievable in the crypto space.

Pandora X is the First EveR Advertising City iN the Metaverse with aN Auto Compounding/Auto Staking Rebase.

Pandora X is the first ever decentralized Advertising City in the Metaverse being developed in the Sandbox virtual world. Pandora X is a 4-District Treasure Hunt & Advertising Metaverse with unparalleled utility for users and advertisers via In-Metaverse NFTs, Staking Rewards and Ad-View Rewards with an Auto-Stake feature which is a simple yet cutting-edge function called Buy-Hold-Earn. 

Advertise your business in our metaverse to over 1M potential players of Pandora X
Play our treasure hunt game
Find Hidden Rewards in our metaverse games and treasure hunt games
Rent out Properties
Rent out your NFT ( Real Estate Property ) in any of the four districts in our metaverse to advertisers and earn passive income. You can also earn by staking your NFT

Fixed Staking APY

Highest Fixed APY

Pandora X pays out at a Fixed APY in the first 12 months, the highest you can get anywhere in the world. After the first 12 months the interest rate drops over a predefined Long-term Interest Cycle period.

nft collection

Our In-Metaverse NFTs are made up of 100 super scarce Real Estate Properties (80 buildings) and  (20 Billboards). Each NFT’s utility and rarity is determined by the district within which it is located.

Advertisers will pay rent in $PANX to Property Owners in order to place their Ads; Ad Viewers will earn $PANX for each Ad they interact with within Pandora X. Ads in high value districts will reward more than ads in regular value districts. NFT owners, can also stake their NFTs and earn rewards.
Pandora X is made up of 4 Districts:
- Liberty District: Ground Building, 1 Ad Space, 10% in Ad-View Commissions
- Gotham District: 2 Floor Buildings, 2 Ad Spaces, 20% in Ad-View Commissions
- Gold District: 3 Floor Buildings, 3 Ad Spaces, 30% in Ad-View Commissions
- Land of the Ox: 4 Floor Buildings, 4 Ad Spaces, 40% in Ad-View Commissions.

Staking Platform Launching
iN Q2 2022

Our staking Platform will be launching in Q2 2022 after private sale for you to stake and earn on your minted NFTS 

our ecosystem

token utility

- Access our Metaverse via $PANX Holdings
- Rent out your Property & Receive Rewards in $PANX
- Ad Rental to be paid in $PANX
- Treasure Hunt within our Metaverse – Rewards paid in $PANX
- DAO Governance for $PANX Holders with special Privileges
- Stake your NFT to earn $PANX

Staking & Dual Token Rewards

NFT holders can earn extra rewards by staking their NFTs in our Staking platform and earn in $PANX. Our NFT Staking platform goes live Q2 2022. This module offers a double reward system on top of earning rewards in 2 separate Tokens. NFT Collectors earn Rewards from Advertisers and from staking.


By simply buying and holding $PANX token in your wallet, you earn rebase rewards as interest payments directly into your wallet. Your tokens will increase every 5 minutes.

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